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When I think back on my time in Interlaken, the main word that comes to mind is 'adrenaline'. Interlaken has everything to offer for the extreme sports junkie in all of us! When I visited Interlaken I went paragliding off the side of a snowy mountain top...the views were unbelievable and the experience was unforgettable! Some of my friends went skydiving and it was hilarious watching their videos on the bus ride home. The hostel, The Funny Farm, was really nice and all of the staff were so accommodating. Even if you're not into extreme sports there are many things to do and see in Interlaken. You can take the train to "the top of Europe" which offers amazing views of Interlaken and beyond, explore the city, and try the local fare Rosti which is a potato dish with eggs and good!!! Interlaken has something for everyone!
Meredith - 12/05/2011
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